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Large: Image Size is approximately 24" x 32"
Regular: Image Size is approximately 18" x 24"
Mini: Image Size is approximately 6" x 9"

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"Caring wolves "
"Caution! Baby on Board leopards"
"Cheetah Family cheetahs"
"Cloud Dreams landscape"
"Cloud Drifts landscape"
"Moonlight Games elephants"
"Mother Love elephants"
"Mother's Touch giraffes"
"Napping in Masai Mara zebras"
"On Guard cheetah"
"On the Prowl black panther"
"Pastel Tranquility seascape"
"Peafowl of the World peafowl"
"Translucent Serenity seascape"
"Vantage Point bobcat"
"Watchful tiger "

Signature Edition Prints

Large s/u Unframed $ 100,
Regular s/u Unframed $ 75,
Mini s/u Unframed $ 25

Limited Edition Prints

Large 125 s/n Unframed $ 200,
Regular 200 s/n Unframed $ 100,
Mini 300 s/n Unframed $ 30

Canvas Limited Edition Prints

Large 200 s/n Unframed $200
Regular 300 s/n Unframed $ 100
Mini u/u Unframed $ 50







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