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Doni Kendig
46-200 Lou Circle
Indian Wells, California 92210
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Daniel Potente
10 Howard Street
Hicksville, New York 11801
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Doni Kendig, Topaz Circle Fine Art Publishing and Daniel Potente, Artline Wholesalers, Inc. announce the formation of their new business partnership, Topaz Circle/Artline to better serve their clients needs and develop new marketing strategies.

Through their successful collaboration on the Peafowl of the World poster and the publishing of four Signature Editions of individual peacock images, Doni and Danny found they had forged a strong bond of friendship and trust and enjoyed working together. Danny has been raising exotic birds and peafowl from birth for many years. Doni's ability to bring his visions to life sparked exciting ideas and directions to explore for the future. They have successfully combined their talents and acquired several licensing contracts since the formation of the company.

Doni has been self-publishing as Topaz Circle Fine Art Publishing since 1995. Artline Wholesalers is a major marketing company that has been in the art business successfully for twenty-five years. Artline has created an extensive source guide for hospitality and corporate clients and has also held a government GSA contract for the past twenty years. Their clients include Disney, Kenneth Cole, Kimball, Best Western, Econo Lodge and Holiday Inn. They also work with many military bases throughout the United States and worldwide.


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