Doni Kendig was the Artist in Residence at

The Living Desert

March 22,23 and 24, 2002


This year, Doni's weekend as the Artist in Residence at the Living Desert was Friday, March 22, through Sunday March 24, 2002. As always, she displayed a selection of originals, limited edition prints, and cards. This was also her first chance to show off her new poster "Peafowl of the World".

Doni has been thoroughly enjoying her latest project: her series on peacocks. Now that she has finished the poster, she has been painting a series of individual peacocks. The first individual peacock paintings can be seen on the "What's New" page.

There is quite a story behind the "Peafowl of the World" poster. A longtime admirer of Doni's work, Danny Potente, persuaded her to set aside her ideas for her next leopard painting to concentrate on peacocks. His passion for peacocks soon became Doni's passion and the beautiful results can be seen in her latest paintings. You can read the full story on the "Peacocks" page.

The Living Desert is at 47 - 900 Portola Avenue, Palm Desert, California 92260, 760-346-5694













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