[Doni Kendig]


Essentially self-taught, I combine my observations of life and the contents of uncounted art texts and impressions gained from visits to galleries and museums, with imagination. After experimenting with various techniques, mediums and materials, adopting, adapting and discarding, I find oils and acrylics to be my favorites.

I am actively pursuing my life-long love affair with art and satisfying the ache to share my personal impressions of desert vistas, tranquil seas lit by the setting sun, the sense of an oncoming storm, the temper of the cat, the arrogance of the eagle, and the menace of the predator.

I am fascinated with the differences in the perception of a vista or a flower or a person in differing conditions: clear sunlight, shade, a cloudy day, a lifting mist, dawn and dusk. I look across a field to a copse of trees and see twenty shades of green created by variations in sunlight filtering through leaves, reflecting off blades of grass and refracting through the minute droplets of moisture into prisms of color. I look at the clouds and wonder at the rainbow of hues and constantly changing forms from a solid mass to a wisp. I stand on a bluff and see the jewel tones of stark promontories against an electric sky. I stand on a pier extending into the sea and see transparency and depth, power, constant motion and serenity; a juxtaposition of water mass and sky, the universe and me. I see a bird and am awed by the delicacy of a feather.

I feel a deep need to communicate and share this ever-changing complexity, this kaleidoscope of color and light, this infinite variety of strength, delicacy and function in every natural form. I paint because I must.

--Doni Kendig   

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